ACE Newsletter 2020

The ACE newsletter 2002 has currently been published. The topics cover:

1) Stuart Gibb: Twenty years of EMEC conferences
2) Malgorzata Szynkowska: Lodz, 2019 – EMEC20 that lies behind us
3) Branimir Jovančićević: Novi Sad, 2020 – EMEC21 is in front of us
4) Albert Lebedev: To the summer school in Arkhangelsk, june 2020
6) Filipe Rocha – researcher/scholar from EMEC20: Sewage sludge reuse in agricultural
fertilization – a portuguese ongoing study
7) Nuno Ratola: ACE and young researchers – scholars at EMEC20 in Lodz
8) Polonca Trebse – small note: A gift to Josef

Have a look here

Posted on: Sep 2, 11:05 am by: Jan Schwarzbauer.