Atmospheric pollution: chemistry, transport and monitoring

The International Summer School: “Atmospheric pollution: chemistry, transport and monitoring” is organized within the framework of the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences, offered by the Graduate School of the University of Nova Gorica.

The International School will be held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, during the period from 5 June till 18 June 2011.

The International School is intended for students at graduate level, who have research and future professional interests in atmospheric pollution and related environmental issues. Participants will have the opportunity to intensively interact with an international team of experts in the field of atmospheric and environmental science, and to present and discuss their study and research interests. We have invited top scientists and lecturers from universities all over the world, who will offer lectures in the areas of atmospheric transport, chemistry and monitoring techniques and instrumentation. The main emphasis will be given to atmospheric pollution originating from bio-fuels. The International School will be organized as a series of intensive lectures, case study presentations, together with hands on laboratory experience and field work.

Participants will be able to earn ECTS credits for completion of the International School, after their final evaluation.

Please see the website for further details.

Posted on: May 3, 05:47 PM by: Polonca Trebse.